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Due to the strong carcinogenicity and severe environmental of hexavalent chromium ions, the use of chrome plating technology in China has been gradually limited, and some products have been limited by the two directives, WEEE and ROHS from EU. Therefore, the new environmentally friendly substitution of chromium technology R & D draws more and more attention. And as a new substitution of chromium technology, tungsten alloy plating process, due to its special structure as well as good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, has been gradually focused on by people.

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Enviro friendly

Environmentally friendly technology for plating, no wastewater containing heavy metal ions and recyclable plating solution.


Excellent performance of resistance to abrasion and corrosion (for anti-abrasion, 2-3 times better than chrome plating, and strong resistance to chloridion and H2S).

High adhesion

High adhesion regardless of well depth and temperature.


Antioxidant and anti-aging for many times using.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are one of exporting windows of China Petroleum Machinery. A professional supplier of tungsten plated tubing

We have holding a high quality technical expert team and cooperating with CNPC R&D institutes and Chinese Petroleum Universities.

We also can supply the design and manufacturing the special products and equipments for clients according to the requirement.

Yes, we have API Certificate for the tungsten plated tubing.

The Yield strength: 60000-115000 psi

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